Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Our Safety First vision

North London Heat and Power Project aims to achieve zero harm to everyone involved in the project, and working and living in the local community, by putting health, safety and wellbeing as the number one priority.

Our vision is delivered through our Safety First campaign which has four main aspects:

  • Speaking up if you think something doesn't seem right
  • Taking responsibility for your own safety and the safety of those around you 
  • Choosing to follow safety rules and procedures rather than having to 
  • Going home safely at the end of each day



Our induction video below outlines our commitment to Health, Safety and Wellbeing to successfully deliver our vision:

Help yourself and others keep safe by following these simple steps:

  • Never undertake a task if you think it isn’t safe
  • Let us know immediately if you see a hazard
  • Help reduce risks by thinking about what you’re doing and what could go wrong
  • Prevent issues by acting on lessons learned
  • Prepare for work by having the right protective equipment with you at all times

Heroes Award Nominations

Do you know someone that has made a commendable contribution towards improving NLHPP’s Health, Safety & Wellbeing culture? Nominate them for a HSW Heroes Award:

For any questions, or to report any risks, concerns or good practice, complete the form below. Our culture is open and collaborative, and we operate a no-blame policy. All submissions can be submitted anonymously.

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