Waste and Recycling Myths Busted

Myth: The NLHPP is not compatible with Net Zero

The fact: The project is in keeping with the development of a Net Zero carbon economy. It will lower greenhouse gas emissions from landfill and help decarbonise the energy grid

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Myth: Energy from waste is not supported by scientists and governmental organisations

The fact: Energy from waste is recognised by DEFRA as a better solution for the environment than landfill. It is recommended in line with the waste hierarchy by experts including the Environment Agency

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Myth: There was minimal consultation on the project

The fact: The project obtained development consent following extensive consultation with local communitites

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Myth: The facility is a risk to public health

The fact: The NLHPP will be one of the safest and cleanest energy from waste facilities in the UK

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The fact: The NLHPP is the only proven, sustainable and cost-effective solution for treating the required volumes of waste at Edmonton EcoPark

Myth: There are better alternatives for treating non-recyclable waste

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Myth: The project will have a negative impact on the local community

The fact: The NLHPP will deliver wide-ranging benefits for the local community

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Creating a waste management facility in which local communities take pride, which demonstrates value, and is a model for public sector project delivery.

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homes could benefit from the 78 megawatt of heat and power that will be generated

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jobs opportunities will be created throughout the construction period

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2 Million

residents' household waste treated cost-effectively in north London

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