What is Edmonton EcoPark?

Edmonton EcoPark is a waste management site of approximately 38 acres, located immediately to the north of the North Circular and to the west of the River Lee Navigation.

Due to its strategic importance in managing north London’s waste, the site is protected by planning policies as a waste site.

The NLHPP as a whole is an integral part of north London’s sustainable waste strategy. It will deliver new flagship recycling facilities to reduce waste and increase recycling in north London to help achieve a 50% recycling target. It will include a new sustainable waste hub including EcoPark House, for local communities to learn more about the circular economy, a new public Reuse and Recycling Centre and a Resource Recovery Facility.

The facility has successfully diverted over 21 million tonnes of waste from landfill since energy from waste treatment started nearly 50 years ago. By 2025 the current facility is due to reach the end of its life and we need to invest in a replacement.

The Edmonton EcoPark is managed by LondonEnergy Ltd, North London Waste Authority's wholly owned company, which operates the existing Energy from Waste facility under a contract.

Current waste management activities on the site include the Energy from Waste plant and a bulky waste handling facility.

For further details, see LondonEnergy’s website, www.londonenergyltd.com.

You can see the location of the site here.