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Document Library

NLWA Reports

NLWA reports relating to the North London Heat and Power Project are available here.

DCO Application Documents

The DCO application documents are available here.

Book of Reference

The Book of Reference, which contains information on the effects of the DCO on property interests, is available here.

Compulsory Acquisition Documents

Notice of Authorisation of Compulsory Acquisition under s134 of the Planning Act 2008
Notice of Authorisation of Compulsory Acquisition
This notice was published in the Enfield Independent on 1 March 2017.

Consultation Documents

The Phase 1 consultation documents are available here.

The Phase 2 consultation documents are available here.

Hello! Our two planned phases of consultation have now finished. We have reviewed all of the feedback we received during both phases of the consultation and have produced a summary of the consultation report.